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The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

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this make up!!!! lordt

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"Blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely, whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits." (x) (x) →


food stamps

In so far as divisive political issues go, welfare is the gift that just keeps on giving. Mainly, that’s because some on the right have done a masterful job of convincing ordinary white people that slothful African-Americans and Latinos are eating at a troth filled with goodies…

#decor #nyc #manhattan #vsco #vscocam #inspo (at ABC Carpet & Home)

#decor #nyc #manhattan #vsco #vscocam #inspo (at ABC Carpet & Home)


before fashion week


by week three


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please unmute this vine, I swear

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Do you ever think about the fact that the US has created and legitimized a system of institutionalized inequality by funding schools through property taxes?  That basically a child’s education is only as good as the value of the property in their neighborhood.  Funny how education is so often viewed as an equalizing factor when there is nothing equal about it.

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Recently purchased: black fluffy marabou choker & a septum cuff.

Still trying to figure out my fall look.