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Top 5 Online Stores You Should Know About


This Ebay Store is amazing! It carries some of the best vintage finds on the web and modern pieces that you will never get enough of. Founded in 2009, this store is the go to spot for one-of-a-kind pieces. It also doesn’t hurt that Facebook fans get $5 off shipping.

Giant Vintage

This shop is all about hard to find eyewear. From glasses to sunglasses in any shape or style and pretty much any decade. This is the best place to find eyewear that your friends will envy.


Delivering some of the best celebrity inspired fashion at affordable price this UK based online store carries everything you need for the perfect night out. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you receive 10% off your purchase.

Sense of Fashion

Sense of Fashion is somewhat different from other online retailers. It’s not really a store, but a community of online retailers. Various designers and retailers create their own stores and post their wares for customers to buy. It’s almost like some kind of online mall except better and with clothing you’d die to get your hands on.

Need Supply Co.

Started in 1996 and featured in Nylon Magazine, Need Supply Co. carries clothing with character and basic pieces that can hold their own. The Richmond, VA based company also carries shoes and accessories that every girl should have in her closet.

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